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Need for Speed: Underground

Race with friends or compete against thousands of other in this online multiplayer action.

Rush Race

Rush Race is a very cool mix of arcade shoot'em up and racing game.

Red Driver 2

Red Driver 2 is an amazing 3d racing game with 4 different game modes.


Robbers Vs Cops is a cool and fast-paced racing game. As an arm of the law it's your job to battle criminals at all costs.


Play Jet Ski - Finish first in each race to progress to the final.

  • Epic war

    Epic War, is a strategy game. Construct a massive army of Middle Earth-inspired units.

  • Breach of Death: The Bridge

    Zombies, zombies everywhere.Try to survive for as long as you can in this FPS zombie survival game.

  • Counter Strike Revenge

    Kill the attacking enemy soldiers and make sure you don't get yourself shot in the middle of all the intense war and fighting action.

  • Hitstick 5

    The excellent shooter game is back! Hitstick 5 lets you be the assassin.

  • Ghost Recon

    Step into the battles of the future in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The Ghost Recon series adds a sci-fi slant to its shooting in this new instalment.

  • Allien Guard 3

    Walk around back and forth collecting as many cash bags as you can in addition to shooting all the angry little aliens.

  • Sift Heads Assault

    A brand new Sift Heads side game where you must clear waves of assailants!


    One of Clicky's FAVORITE: Are you ready for a super cool 3D mummies hunter shooting game? Come take part in an awesome aim to shoot realistic game, where the mummies will be your top target priority.

  • 8 ball pool

    Play for free against other players and friends in 1-on-1 matches, and enter multiplayer tournaments for the billiards crown.


    If you would like to play some table hockey games online in your spare time we just found the perfect game for you.

  •      Air Hockey

    Take your pick and slide that puck.


    If you are looking for good billiards games to play you found the right place.

  • Word Search

    Find the hidden words. Just click your mouse on the beginning of a word and drag it through to the end of the word. Keep going until all the words in the list are found.

  • Word Search

    Try to finish the words in the puzzle. Select a box and left click the correct letter which you think needs to be filled in. Applying a letter to a box, will also apply this letter in other places in the puzzle, highlighted in yellow. If you use incorrect letters, other parts of the puzzle won't make sense.

  • Puzzle Freak

    puzzle freak on the planet and show the world just how brainy you really are!

  • Truck Loader

    Use your vehicle to load the truck in the physics skill game Truck Loader. Use WASD and your mouse to drive, move crane and use the magnet!


    The race around the whole has started! Crank up the gas on your super bike and race through the top cities in the world.


    Race round the streets, city, docks and airport to become the champion street racer, win races to upgrade your car and purchase new cars. Use cursors to steer and X to turbo.

  • Storm Ops 2: Desert Storm

    Lock, load and take aim in the most realistic sniper game on the planet. As usual, head shots earn you extra cash. Cash you can spend on sick weapons, right? Create a wall of fire to protect the base!

  • Monster Truck Demolisher

    Select your favorite monster truck and smash all the cars that block your path! Blast boxes and vehicles by jumping on them and try to make mega combos to earn more points. Do you have what it takes to be a real monster truck demolisher? Use Arrows to control your truck, Space bar to jump.

  • Namco All-Stars -- Pac-Man

    The more pills you eat, the higher you get ... try to also eat all the fruit and avoid all the ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Clyde.


    Pinball on the motherboard circuit of a computer. You shoot the ball with the Enter key and you control the flippers with the arrow keys.


    Are you ready for more crowd cheering? Are you ready for more striking and scoring? I’ve got the solution! You have to play baseball games online.


    You are lucky today! You just found one of the best baseball games on the internet! It is called Super Slugger and you will surely have lots of fun playing it.

  • Battle Ships

    Select your ship, then use the keyboard LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to turn your ship and place it where you want it. Once all the ships have been properly positioned begin the battle. Simply click on your opponent's board to try to find the enemy ships. If you make a hit you will get another turn... Destroy all 5 before they do and you will win. .

  • Classic Chess

    Enjoy this old fashioned classic game of chess! Simply use your mouse to click and make your move.

  • Spark Chess

    Choose the desired difficulty level of your opponent. Select the color of your chess pieces and enjoy this great classic game of Chess!

  • Chess

    Play this classic game of chess. Simply click to make your move.


    This awesome Show game will definitely teach you a thing or two about team work, dodging and driving for the ball, as well as how to use your skills to win.


    Like in most of the dodegeball games online, in this one you will need to take down and take OUT all of your opposing Dodgeball Brawlers .If your hit each player three times in a row with the red rubber ball, you succeed, so get your competition skills out of the closet and lets play!


    Fun to play games that are usually quite inaccessible to most of the people.


    You will use your mouse to control your player. Make the biggest high score at this amazing game and subscribe it to our site to see if you are the best at these games.

  • Hot Blood Boxing

    YES! Clicky agrees that this game is a great stress reliever! Box against the computer or bring in a friend.


    In Sidering Knockout, you goal is to knock all your opponents out cold and get the championship belt!


    Play free to Marvel vs. DC and Other Super heroes Games: Fight with your favorite Marvel superheroes against AD. Great fighting game that you can not miss. Super #Clicky to the rescue! Just kidding....

  • Punch Tom Out

    Select the device you play this game. As the game title says, we need to punch Tom comes up out of the ring. Dodge and counter your opponent before he do it.

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Stay Informed


    This time Clicky will play ping pong with Garfield - the orange tomcat that everybody knows.


    You will have to use your mouse to control your player and to manage to hit the ball.

  • 3D Bowling

    Wow Clicky! This is the most realistic 3D bowling game I've ever seen.

  • Side Kick

    Play soccer (football) against the comp or a friend.

  • Ryder Cup Challenge

    Time it just right Clicky - because you only have 60 seconds to hit the golf ball as far as possible.

  • Shootin' Hoops

    So Cool Clicky! Maneuver your player past your opponents and you can press two keys at once to run diagonally. When you reach the basket, press the button the stop the arrow at the angle of your shot and hold until you have the right amount of power.


    It is different Clicky from other free baseball games online because it can be used as a manual for those of you who does not know exactly what a baseball game mean.

  • Arcade Baseball

    Clicky says: Prepare yourself for an interactive game of baseball where every hit is a new opportunity.

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